I am grateful for the kind and attentive care my mom has been receiving at Harmony Utica Ridge. The staff’s attention has kept her more active, and her cognitive functions have improved due to the speech therapy she is receiving. The long-term setting has made her more alert and relaxed. I believe this is all thanks to the friendly staff who provide personal acknowledgment. Cindy, who works in activities, has been patient and helpful with my mom. The activities department has also been supportive and helpful to me, especially during difficult times. I am pleased with Harmony Utica Ridge’s professional and kind service. Everything is running smoothly, and my mom is happy and thriving. I wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else but Harmony Utica Ridge!

- Rebecca P.

I came to Harmony Utica Ridge for rehabilitation after an extended hospital stay that left me with limited mobility. My daughter-in-law found Harmony for me, and I’m grateful she did. The team here has worked diligently on my rehabilitation goals, and I’ve seen significant improvement. The staff has helped me make real progress – I even walked up the stairs today.

Initially, I was hesitant about staying in a rehabilitation facility, but my lovely roommate makes me feel comfortable – it’s like being with family. Every day, the staff members make my stay feel special. I truly appreciate their kindness and support – they are all wonderful. I would definitely recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone. The people are kind, and they work hard to make you feel at home. My goal is to keep improving and finally return home, and I’m confident Harmony Utica Ridge will help me achieve that

-Karen O.

After a trucking accident landed me in the hospital with head trauma and frequent falls, I was directed to skilled care at Harmony Utica Ridge, which turned out to be a pivotal point in my recovery. The dedicated staff at Harmony Utica Ridge significantly improved my upper body strength, bringing it back to nearly normal levels. I was particularly impressed with the therapy team; they were not only top-notch in their field but also a great blessing throughout my rehabilitation. Each morning, I looked forward to therapy, feeling each session brought me one step closer to returning home. The entire team was exceptionally caring and proactive in assisting me with any challenges, making my entire stay exceed my expectations. Their genuine care and expert assistance have profoundly impacted my recovery, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone in need of outstanding therapy and nursing care. Choosing Harmony Utica Ridge was truly the best decision for my health and well-being.

-David F.

I came to Harmony Utica Ridge for rehabilitation. This is my second time here. I initially came based on a friend’s recommendation and returned because of my positive experience during my first stay. I always look forward to the delicious meals served every day, and I would rate Harmony Utica Ridge a perfect 10 out of 10. The staff is friendly and genuinely cares for the

patients, particularly Violeta and MaKayla (CNAs). The whole team consistently exceeds my expectations. The most important part of my recovery journey has been feeling better and more secure when standing without the risk of falling. My favorite service is the therapy, and the staff is always helpful and greets you with a smile. It is evident that your goals are their goals, and reaching the finish line is a joint success. I would definitely recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone needing similar assistance. I would always choose this facility over any other; it feels like a second home.

-Pamela A.

I am so glad I chose Harmony Utica Ridge for my rehabilitation. Everyone was wonderful, encouraging, and motivating. The therapists were exceptional, and they helped guide me through this process so I could return home. The therapy was hard work, but the team brought out a strength within me that I did not know I had! I reached my goals quickly, and everyone was behind me 100%, which encouraged me. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. The food was outstanding. I loved my nurse, Dee. She took her time and provided compassionate care. I also loved Dr. Staley, the house doctor. He is very kind and truly listens to what you have to say.

Harmony Utica Ridge gives you the care you need. They helped me through a challenging period in life, and because of what they taught me, I feel like I can succeed at home.                   

-Sharon H.

After a hospital stay for a heart attack and infection, I chose Harmony Utica Ridge for rehabilitation due to its excellent ratings. The therapy team was outstanding, providing encouragement and listening to my concerns. Steve (OT) was incredibly friendly, and Amy (PT) knew just how to motivate me. Despite initially being unable to walk due to weakness, I was walking independently by the time I was discharged! I was initially overwhelmed by this process, but the staff at Harmony Utica Ridge patiently helped me overcome my fears and gain confidence in my recovery. Celia, my nurse, was exceptionally caring and knowledgeable, and the night staff taught me crucial tasks for home. Harmony Utica Ridge truly wants you to succeed. If you need rehabilitation therapy, this is the place to go.

-Wayne H.

I had the pleasure of staying at Harmony Utica Ridge twice. The first time I visited was after my knee surgery, and my experience was so positive that when I fractured my leg and needed to learn to adapt, I chose to return. The staff at Harmony Utica Ridge exceeded my expectations from the beginning. They have helped me build up my strength, and my CNA, Halie, always goes above and beyond to make sure I’m comfortable. She attends to my needs with kindness and efficiency. All the CNAs are fantastic and consistently respond to my call light quickly, making me feel welcomed. I particularly enjoyed the therapy sessions, especially when I got to pedal the bike while enjoying a cup of coffee. It was a simple joy that added so much to my day. Activities like bingo also allowed me to socialize with others in the facility. Thanks to the exceptional care and welcoming atmosphere, I decided to stay long-term. I always recommend Harmony Utica Ridge because it feels like home.

- Billie J.

After a hospital stay, I returned to Harmony Utica Ridge for my rehabilitation, having had a positive experience here before. I was not disappointed; my second stay was even more remarkable than the first. The staff was exceptionally friendly and attentive, contributing significantly to my recovery. I was particularly impressed with my therapists, Phil and Karen, who were instrumental in helping me regain my previous strength levels and mobility. They encouraged me at every step, making the therapy sessions productive and enjoyable, especially the group sessions where I could socialize and connect with other patients. The clinical staff took great care in managing my infection, listening carefully to my concerns, which helped me heal faster and gain strength, particularly in my upper body. The rest and relief I received here allowed me to focus solely on my recovery, significantly reducing my stress. Thanks to the prompt and caring assistance from all the CNAs and staff members, I am very pleased with my stay. I would definitely recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone seeking compassionate, effective rehabilitation care.

- Rose E.

I came to Harmony Utica Ridge for physical and occupational therapy after fracturing my femur and having surgery. I chose Harmony Utica Ridge because I had previously been here and had a great experience. The physical therapy team worked collaboratively to strengthen my arms and legs. The physical therapy team, social worker Bridgit, and CNA’s Halie, Imma, and Tina exceeded my expectations with their care. I enjoyed being assisted with meals and looked forward to therapy each day due to the kindness and encouragement of the staff, including physical therapy assistant Natosha. I highly recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to my friends, because of the friendly and knowledgeable nursing and therapy staff.

- Carole G.

I needed post-acute care because my legs were weak, my balance was unstable, and I needed wound care. I had a great experience at Harmony Utica Ridge before, so I decided to go there again. Let me tell you, it’s been great. I’ve been getting stronger, especially in my upper body. Today I was able to take 16 steps with a walker. My physical therapist, Kate, is amazing. She’s so motivating and always cheers me on, even for the smallest wins. I’m feeling pretty good about my progress towards being independent at home. The CNAs, Halie and Corrina, are my favorite. They’re always helpful, caring, and never forget about me or anything I need. I specifically asked to be in their hall, so I could have Halie as my CNA. The therapy here is really encouraging, and I feel like I’m working towards my goals. If you ever need great care and therapy, I recommend Harmony Utica Ridge. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the therapy is the best.

-Richard G.

My rehabilitation journey at Harmony Utica Ridge started after I underwent a left knee replacement. I chose Harmony primarily for its convenient location in the Quad Cities, making it ideal. Throughout my stay, the staff maintained an excellent schedule for my rehabilitation, which was instrumental in my recovery. Their commitment to keeping a consistent routine contributed to my improvement.

The aspect of the facility I appreciated the most was the rehabilitation gym. Going there early in the morning and getting coffee while working out was a highlight of my day. It provided a sense of normalcy and routine that I found very comforting. Although I don’t recall the names of the staff members, their faces and the care they provided left a lasting impression on me! Everyone I encountered was incredibly helpful and supportive.

I would recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to friends and family needing rehabilitation. The well-organized rehab schedule and a caring and competent staff make this place exceptional. Their approach to care and rehabilitation helped me significantly in my recovery, and I’m grateful for the experience and support I received!

-Richard R.

I chose Harmony Utica Ridge after experiencing a fall, because my brother and sister-in-law had a positive experience here and some of my friends from the assisted living community also recommended it. It has turned out to be a great choice for me. The physical therapy team at Harmony is excellent and has helped me achieve my goals. I am particularly happy with my progress in walking with my walker; it feels like a great accomplishment. All staff members I have interacted with have been caring, positive, and helpful, which is the best thing about Harmony’s services. They are always eager to assist whenever needed. The facility is also outstanding in terms of cleanliness, quality of food, and overall atmosphere. I would recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone in need of rehabilitation services or looking for a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere.

 - Pat H.

We chose Harmony Utica Ridge for my husband’s therapy due to its convenient location and outstanding staff. He was admitted for infection, weakness, and difficulty with swallowing. The therapy sessions have been instrumental in his progress, focusing on strengthening his lower body and improving his ability to walk. The speech therapy team has also made significant strides in enhancing his swallowing ability. The dedication, patience, and kindness of the staff, especially CNA Halie, have left us impressed and grateful. We wholeheartedly recommend Harmony Utica Ridge for its great therapy and caring staff.

– Christine S.

I loved staying at Harmony Utica Ridge. The facility was wonderful, and the staff was compassionate and accommodating to me. I have uncontrolled diabetes and bone deterioration in my knees, and I was falling at home. The therapists helped me build my strength so I could return home. They also helped me get back on track with managing my diabetes. I’m doing better at home because of them. I enjoyed my stay immensely, and I think it is necessary to recoup in a facility like Harmony, especially for the aging population. They all did a great job. Thank you, Harmony.

–Nancy N.

My mother, Nancy, was having difficulty standing, so we decided to take her to Harmony Utica Ridge for rehabilitation. The therapy program helped her a lot. The entire staff went above and beyond. Kent (occupational therapist) was excellent. The nurses were very responsive and visited her frequently to see if there was anything else they could do to help her. I mostly appreciated Hope (admissions director) for being very accommodating. She helped me get her all checked in and get comfortable during her stay. I am grateful for everybody’s attention and help to my mother.

– Jill S.

I chose Harmony Utica Ridge after a lower leg amputation. Having had a great therapy experience here before, I knew it was the right place. So far, therapy has been excellent and incredibly helpful. I can now stand up and transfer by myself and have improved my ability to perform daily activities. The staff is friendly and efficient, and the facility’s cleanliness is top-notch. But what truly sets them apart is the way they treat me. They treat me with respect and dignity, making me feel welcome and valued. I look forward to making more progress each day with therapy. I highly recommend Harmony Utica Ridge because of the exceptional therapy and the helpful and compassionate staff.

–Janis H.

I came to Harmony Utica Ridge after multiple falls. I chose Harmony Utica Ridge because I had been here in the past and had a good experience. My rehabilitation was positive, and I enjoyed spending time with the therapy team. I have made the most progress with my walking, and I also worked on strengthening my knee, which was weak. All staff here at Harmony were very lovely and willing to make the effort. I am excited to regain my independence. Angel (CNA) goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable, and being around positive people improves your progress. I am also very thankful for Erin (social services); she helped me find housing and other needs. Everyone is working to make Harmony Utica Ridge successful, so I recommend them!

- Pamela L.

I came to Harmony Utica Ridge because I needed skilled care and rehabilitation to regain strength after pneumonia and leg weakness from Thoracic Compression Fractures. My family and friends recommended them, and I am glad I came here. Having experienced working in hospitals, I am very impressed with the staff. They help me stay comfortable and at ease. Everyone is very friendly and willing to stop in to talk from time to time. They truly care about the residents’ well-being. I am having a wonderful stay. I am still working on my therapy goals and hope to stay here long-term. I would definitely recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone.

– Joan W.

I required post-acute care for wound treatment and physical therapy after being hospitalized. Before my hospitalization, I was completely independent in my daily routine, so my goal was to regain that independence. I made significant progress with my therapy. Steve, who is in charge of occupational therapy; Cheryl, who is in charge of physical therapy; and Katie, who is in charge of speech therapy, have all been great supporters through my journey. I wouldn’t have made such great progress without their help. Moreover, everyone has been cheerful, friendly, and accommodating during my stay, making me feel more comfortable and confident about what will happen as I continue to recover. I highly recommend Harmony Utica Ridge to anyone who will listen, and I would like to thank the entire staff for all their help in helping me return home again.

-Richard H.

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